Iván Palomares Carrascosa, Computer Science PhD

Distinguished Associate Professor. National Cheng Kung University. Tainan, Taiwan.

Senior Research Scientist - Andalusian Institute of Data Science and Computational Intelligence (DASCI), University of Granada. Spain.

Academic Director of Data Science area - Masters and postgraduate programmes on Big Data, Machine Learning & AI. IEBS Business School (part-time online training consultant).

AI for SDGs
17th June'21: Exciting news! As the 1st outcome of my recent visit to Taipei Medical University (TMU, Taiwan), we got an accepted article in Healthcare!15th June'21: Article "A Panoramic view and SWOT Analysis of Artificial Intelligence for achieving the SDGs by 2030" is available online.12th May'21: Started new role as Visiting Associate Professor under NCKU's Programme for Distinguished Foreign Scholars in Tainan, Taiwan.(21st May'21) Journal Article Accepted in 'Sustainability'! Ordering Artificial Intelligence based recommendations to tackle the SDGs with a decision-making model based on surveys.(1st April'21) I became Visiting Associate Professor at Taiwan Tech (National Taiwan University of Science & Technology, NTUST), where I will deliver an intensive postgraduate R&D course, 'Decision Support and Recommender Systems' during Apr-May'21.(29th March'21) Research colloquium talk at National Taiwan University (NTU): Link(9th Feb'21) Book published with Royal Academy of Engineering: AI and Digital Technologies for Sustainable Development Goals.(2nd Dec'21): New article! "Revisiting Fuzzy and Linguistic Decision Making: Scenarios and Challenges for Making Wiser Decisions in a Better Way" will be published in IEEE Transactions on Systems Man & Cybernetics. IF: 9.309.(26th Jul'20) Last July I delivered a half-day Tutorial at ACM SIGIR 2020: "Reciprocal Recommendation: matching users with the right users". (Materials)

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I am a Senior Research Scientist at the Andalusian Institute of Data Science and Computational Science (DASCI), in the University of Granada (Spain). The University of Granada (UGR) leads the Spain rankings in Computer Science and AI research being top-1 nationwide (Shanghai QS Rankings).

I am also a Distinguished Associate Professor at National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. NCKU ranks among the top and most internationally reputed institutions in Taiwan and Asia-wide.

I have been Turing Fellow with the Alan Turing Institute, based in London, UK, between 2018 and 2020. From 2017-20 I was Full-Time (until March 2020) and then Honorary Status (March-December 2020) Lecturer in Data Science and AI (Assistant Professor) with the University of Bristol.

I got my PhD in Computer Science (Honors) in the University of Jaén (Spain), in 2014. I am currently a Lecturer in Computer Science with the Merchant Venturer's School of Engineering, in the University of Bristol (Bristol, United Kingdom).

Highlights of my main research interests and expertise include:

  • Decision-Making and Decision Support Systems under Uncertainty: Large-Scale Group Decision Making, Aggregation and Preference Modelling, Multi-criteria and Group Decision-Making, Consensus Building and Opinion Dynamics, Social Network Analysis, Uncertainty theories in Decision-Making, Intelligent Information Systems for Decision Support.

  • Recommender Systems: Collaborative Filtering, Knowledge-based and Context-aware, Multi-view Data Fusion in RecSys, Group Recommender Systems, Aggregation of Uncertain User and Contextual Recommendation Data, Applications: people recommendation (social matching), health and wellbeing, tourism and entertainment.

  • Autonomous Intelligent Systems: Agent and Multi-Agent Online Planning, Multi-Agent Cooperation for Decision-Making, Approximate and Reinforcement Learning Algorithms, AI Planning under Uncertainty, Monte-Carlo methods.

  • Applications of Data-Driven and Intelligent Decision Support Approaches: Personalization services in Leisure, wellbeing, and smart cities, IT Security, e-Commerce, Supervisory Control, Supply chain, Robotics, Sytem Reliability.

My published books (click to view):

"The book is readable, fluid, and understandable. I recommend this book for operations research analysts, people in decision making roles, politicians, as well as the larger public, even if they lack a background in mathematics.”

T. Edoh, Computing Reviews, October 2019. (Review for 'Large Group Decision Making')

In addition to these academic and scientific affiliations, since June 2020 I am part-time Training Consultant and Tutor with IEBS Business School, where I partake in online learning & training initiatives in Spanish for professionals, such as seminars, webinars, MOOCs, etc., related to Data Science, Business Intelligence and AI. On December I took the role of leading Master and postgraduate programmes in the school, within the area of Applied Data Science: Big Data, AI and Machine Learning. And since Spring 2021, I have been involved in designing and implantation of new programmes in Applied Data Science area: two new postgraduate and one masters courses, with first edition starting on Fall 2021. I am the academic director for these three new programmes/courses. I am also teaching modules about Recommender Systems, Machine Learning and supervised learning at the school, as well as delivering multiple online masterclasses.

Outside the academic context, I enjoy:

  • Travelling and immersing into different cultures (specially Eastern and South-East Asian cultures).

  • Reading about plenty of topics/genres.

  • Hiking, jogging, swimming and being in nature.

  • Learning other languages and trying local cuisines worldwide.

  • Coffee and cake.

Current Academic Affiliations

  • Distinguished Associate Professor. National Cheng Kung University. Tainan (Taiwan). May 2021-present.

  • Senior Research Scientist (DaSCI Institute of Data Science and Computational Intelligence, University of Granada). March 2020 - present.

  • Academic Area Director: Applied Data Science (Director Master in Big Data, AI and Machine Learning). IEBS Business School. December 2020-present.

Past Academic Trajectory

  • Visiting Associate Professor (Teaching intensive postgraduate course 'Decision Support and Recommender Systems'). National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech). March-April 2021.

  • Visiting Researcher. Taipei Medical University. Taipei, Taiwan. Jan-March 2021.

  • Honorary Status Lecturer in Data Science and A.I. (University of Bristol). March-December 2020.

  • Turing Fellow (The Alan Turing Institute). November 2018-November 2020.

  • Lecturer in Data Science and A.I. (Tenured position, University of Bristol). May 2017- February 2020.

  • Senior R&D Engineer (Queen's University Belfast). April 2016-May 2017.

  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (Queen's University Belfast). April 2015-April 2016.

  • Post-Doctoral Research Associate (Ulster University). May 2014-April 2015.


  • PhD in Computer Science (graduated with Honors). University of Jaén (Spain). February 2014.

  • Research Masters (MRes) in Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems. University of Granada (Spain). September 2011.

  • MSc Degree in Computer Science (Faculty and Nationwide best academic record award). University of Jaén (Spain). July 2009.

  • BSc Degree in Computer Science for Management (Faculty best academic record award). University of Jaén (Spain). June 2007.