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NOTE: Publications in national conferences/journals in Spanish language are omitted in this publication list. Please refer to my full CV or Google Scholar profile for a full list of publications.

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  • F.J. Quesada, I. Palomares, L. Martínez. Using Computing with Words for Managing Non-Cooperative Behaviors in Large Scale Group Decision Making. In W. Pedrycz and S.M. Chen (Eds.): Granular Computing and Decision Making. Springer Series on "Studies in Big Data", vol. 10, pp. 97-121, 2015.
  • I. Palomares, L. Martínez. Attitude-based consensus model for heterogeneous multi-criteria large-scale group decision making: application to IT-based services management. In Manuel Mora et al. (Eds.): Engineering and Management of IT-based Service Systems. Springer Series "Intelligent Systems Reference Library", vol. 55, pp. 155-177, 2014.