IMPORTANT NOTICE: I am no longer taking new PhD student supervisions at the moment. If opportunities arise for postdoc supervisions, I will post them here!

This page contains information about the members of the research team on Decision Support and Recommender Systems which I supervise, my scientific collaborations worldwide, and MSc students whose exciting projects I supervise at Bristol.

"Decision Support and Recommender Systems" team

Our newly established team is part of Bristol's Intelligent Systems Lab. Our research aims at investigating how multi-criteria and consensus decision making, information fusion, uncertainty handling and intelligent techniques can help supporting contemporary complex decision scenarios. Major questions currently being addressed include: (i) how to support consensual decision-making among large groups of participants, (ii) how to intelligently fuse disparate social and contextual data to improve personalization services via RecSys (Recommender Systems), and (iii) exploring novel applications of RecSys and decision support under uncertainty, such as: management sciences, tourism, academic recruitment and human-machine decision making.

 Team Head: 
  • Iván Palomares Carrascosa. Lecturer in Data Science and AI - U. Bristol
    • Post-doc. Queen's University Belfast, Ulster University (UK)
    • PhD (Hons.+distinctions) Jaén, Spain
    • PGCert (Hons.) Granada, Spain
    • MSc, BSc (Hons.`distinctions) Jaén, Spain

Team Members:
  • Ercan Ezin "Computer Science PhD candidate, University of Bristol" (Turkish Ministry of National Education, Sponsored PhD Scholarship) - started May 2018 (Supervisor: Iván Palomares Carrascosa. Co-supervisor: Prof. Peter Flach).
  • James Neve  "Computer Science PhD candidate, University of Bristol" (EPSRC Doctoral Partnership Programme, DTP Scholarship) - starting October 2018 (Supervisor: Iván Palomares Carrascosa. Co-supervisor: Prof. Weiru Liu).
  • Binyamin bin Yusoff.  "Visiting Researcher (Assistant Professor)" (University Malaysia Terenganu) - Start date: 1st September 2018.
  • Hugo Alcaráz Herrera.  "Computer Science PhD candidate, University of Bristol" (Conacyt Mexico, Sponsored PhD Scholarship) - Start date: early 2019.

Scientific Collaborations 

Internal (in University of Bristol)

Dr. John Cartlidge
Dr. Michael Crosscombe
Prof. Peter Flach
Prof. Jonathan Lawry
Prof. Weiru Liu

External (UK and International Collaborations)

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MSc Thesis under Supervision

  • Gregor Bajsic (2018) "Towards Technical Analysis on Cryptocurrencies Market Using Deep Reinforcement Learning", Master Thesis - ongoing (Supervisor).
  • Keshav Goel (2018) "Pointing Cast to their Next Blockbuster! Recommending the best movie to act in", Master Thesis - ongoing (Supervisor).
  • Eunchong Kim (2018) "Fitness that fits! Recommending physical exercise videos based on Youtube user preferences", Master Thesis - ongoing (Supervisor).
  • Oluwayomi Okeowo (2018) "Customer Churn Prediction and Recommendation using Spark Machine Learning", Master Thesis - ongoing (Supervisor).
  • Anastasia Petrovskaia (2018) "Decision Support System for New Product Development based on Customer Data", Master Thesis - ongoing (Supervisor).
  • Anjie Song (2018) "A distributed movie recommender systems using via Hybrid Approach", Master Thesis - ongoing (Supervisor).
  • Defa Qian (2018) "Helping people find suitable products faster on AliExpress", Master Thesis - ongoing (co-supervisor with Dr. Bahar Rastegari)