Iván Palomares Carrascosa, Computer Science PhD


Department of Computer Science.
School of Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Engineering Maths (SCEEM)
University of Bristol, United Kingdom
Office MVB 3.27, Woodland Rd, Bristol, BS8 1UB
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I am a Lecturer in Computer Science (Assistant Professor) with the School of Computer Science, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, and Engineering Maths, University of Bristol. I am also member of Bristol's Intelligent Systems Laboratory, where I lead the research theme on Decision Support and Recommender Systems.
I am currently supervisor of three full-time sponsored PhD students: James Neve, Hugo Alcaraz-Herrera, and Zijian Shi. I also co-supervise a PhD student, Benjamin Arana, along with Prof. Peter Flach. More info about them can be found in our dedicated group website.

On year 2019/2020 I am teaching Applied Data Science (unit director) to final year MEng students and MSc students. I am also the Director of MSc Projects in the Computer Science Department at the University of Bristol.

I got my PhD in Computer Science (Honors) in the University of Jaén (Spain), in 2014. I am currently a Lecturer in Computer Science with the Merchant Venturer's School of Engineering, in the University of Bristol (Bristol, United Kingdom). 

Highlights of my main research interests and expertise include:
  • Decision-Making and Decision Support Systems under Uncertainty: Aggregation and Preference Modelling, Multi-criteria and Group Decision-Making, Consensus Building and Opinion Dynamics, Uncertainty theories in Decision-Making, Intelligent Information Systems, Human-Machine Decision Support.
  • Recommender Systems: Collaborative Filtering, Knowledge-based and Context-aware, Multi-view Data Fusion in RecSys, Group Recommender Systems, Aggregation of Uncertain User and Contextual Recommendation Data, Reciprocal recommendations, Security in Recommender Algorithms.
  • Autonomous Intelligent Systems: Agent and Multi-Agent Online Planning, Multi-Agent Cooperation for Decision-Making, Approximate and Reinforcement Learning Algorithms, Knowledge management, Reasoning with Uncertainty.
  • Applications of Data-Driven and Intelligent Decision Support Approaches: Personalization services in Leisure, wellbeing, and smart cities, IT Security, e-Commerce, Supervisory Control, Supply chain, Robotics, Sytem Reliability.

Interested in knowing a bit more about my workplace? Situated in the southwest part of England, the University of Bristol is:
World top 50 University (QS Ranking 2016)
Top 5 UK University with leading employers (2015)
Top 5 UK University for research (2014 REF)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I am no longer taking new PhD student supervisions at the moment. If opportunities arise for postdoc supervisions, I will post them here!

My published books (click to view):

SHORT BIO (Education and Academic Trajectory)

  • Lecturer in Data Science and A.I. (Tenured position, University of Bristol). Feb 2018- present.
  • Lecturer in Computer Science (University of Bristol). May 2017-February 2018.
  • Senior R&D Engineer (Queen's University Belfast). April 2016-May 2017.
  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (Queen's University Belfast). April 2015-April 2016.
  • Post-Doctoral Research Associate (Ulster University). May 2014-April 2015.
  • PhD in Computer Science (graduated with Honors). University of Jaén (Spain). February 2014.
  • Postgraduate Masters (PGcert) in Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems. University of Granada (Spain). September 2011.
  • MSc Degree in Computer Science (Faculty and Nationwide best academic record award). University of Jaén (Spain). July 2009.
  • BSc Degree in Computer Science for Management (Faculty best academic record award). University of Jaén (Spain). June 2007.