In my off-campus time, these are some of my hobbies and interests.


I love travelling and getting to know the world I live in. Having visited around 16 countries across 4 continents so far, I realized travel widens our knowledge, our perspective of life and the world, and ultimately helps meeting amazing people and collecting memories for a lifetime. As a fanatic of temples, ruins, Buddhist heritage, nature and other ancient/mystic places, I find Asia a particularly interesting travel destination over the years. Even business travel can be a good opportunity to meet or re-encounter with a new place rather than an obligation :)

Me at the Singapore jungle (the real one, not the better-known concrete one here)


I couldn't live in a world without books. Be it narrative, technical, self-improvement, travel or even cook books, it is infrequent not to find a book (or rather a pile of them) besides me or on my bedside table. Outside academic and professional books, I also enjoy self-improvement, motivational, mystery and thriller titles, a clear example of the latter being Dan Brown's novels, and consider myself a big fan of "A Song of Ice and Fire" saga by George R.R. Martin (the novel series that inspired the well-know TV series "Game of Thrones"). My absolute favorite Spanish writer is Eloy Moreno: all of its books are just wonderful, addictive and brutally touching : I wish they can be translated to as many different languages as possible to reach out to the world. In addition, as a passionate traveller, more and more "Lonely Planet" guides are gradually taking over my room!

Coffee and a book: my ideal rainy weekend afternoon

"There is something of the marvelous in all things of nature" (Aristotle)

Some activities I enjoy in nature, and try to do whenever I can, are hiking, trekking, picnics, photography, or just getting away from the city bustle to unwind and relax. Some people prefer sea and some others may prefer mountain or forest. I enjoy all of them! Recent amazing experiences include open water scuba diving (being surrounded by countless marine life species is indescribable) and hiking in an Icelandic glacier.
Glacier hiking (or how I attempted and failed to climb The Wall)


This not only applies to the language (which I am presently learning very slowly) but also most aspects of Japanese society, heritage and culture in general: I enjoy some anime and manga series (despite not really know too many of them), reading about Japanese culture or watching documentaries that immerses their spectators into this intriguing, yet fascinating part of the globe.

Some "kawaii" (cute) Daruma figuresA rookie's attempt on Japanese calligraphy


Although played far less than on a daily basis, I am a big fan of videogames, particularly Nintendo classics, some epic RPGs and retro (8 and 16-bit) titles. Board games do also sound like a good evening plan with friends.